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Пришло время для патча который скрывает не нужный теперь значек App Catalog.

hideappcat.2.0.9.patch, созданной на Pre + с WebOS 2.1 - также может работать на 1.x.
hideappcat.2.1.1.patch, PRE2 с WebOS 2.2.4, также установленные на ATT PRE3 с WebOS 2.2.4, и Вир с 2.1.2.
hideappcat3.0.patch - устройства с WebOS 3.0.5.
hideappcat-1,0-unpatched.patch для устройсв где небыло выполнено обновление App Catalog'а

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Well, the time has come, and that icon "has got to go!"
Still need to look at webOS 1.x and 3.x, but here are patches for what I have. The main differentiator may be Palm vs HP, and of course the Touchpad version, but let me know. Obviously the only change is to add "visible": false, to the appinfo.json file, but this is a bit easier for folks that don't like editing appinfo.json files.
Palm App Catalog version 2.0.9, created on Pre+ with webOS 2.1 - this may also work on 1.x, but I haven't walked into the other room to grab a 1.x device yet.
HP App Catalog version 2.1.1, created on Pre2 with webOS 2.2.4, also installed on ATT Pre3 with webOS 2.2.4, and Veer with 2.1.2.
HP App Catalog - Enyo version, created on Touchpad with webOS 3.0.5.
If for some reason you have the un-patched Palm App Catalog (never installed the app catalog update), the hideappcat-1.0-unpatched.patch may work for you. This was created an a Vzw Pre+ with webOS, without the app catalog update installed.

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