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24 телефона на webOS (CDMA), стартовая цена - 100 долларов

Обсуждение смартфонов, работающих под управлением webOS (Pre, Pixi, Veer)

24 телефона на webOS (CDMA), стартовая цена - 100 долларов

Сообщение Bakugan » 05 июн 2012, 20:23

Отличный лот появился сегодня ebay.

Lot of 24 Palm Pre and Pre Plus Verizon and Sprint- range of condition - extras

Дружно завидуем жителям Украины, где есть возможность их использовать :lol:

Lots of Palm Pres and Palm Pre Pluses. Deal of a life time. If you are a webOS fan I have a great deal for you. Look at my feedback history. 100%. Bid with confidence.

I have a bunch of Palm Pre phones for sale. I will do my best to describe each ones condition. There are 24 of these phones so it took me a little bit of time to document each ones condition. The reason I have so many is because I was planning on converting the Verizon Palm Pre Pluses into Sprint Palm Pre Pluses. I completed 9 last year but I have recently been busy with other projects so I'm just going to sell what I have.

What's included:

-1 Verizon Palm Pre Plus with good ESN (picture 2 on top left)
-1 Version Palm Pre 2 with Cracked screen (picture 2 on top right)
-10 Verizon Palm Pre Pluses with bad ESNs(picture 2)
-5 Sprint Palm Pres with good ESNs(picture 3, left stack)
-7 Verizon Palm Pres hybrid with bad ESNs (They have some Sprint parts like keyboard and screen)(picture 3, right stack)
24 phones altogether

-17 OEM batteries (all working)
-8 touchstone battery covers (2 are new, 1 still in it's case) all work
-15 Regular battery covers
-4 new Zagg screen protectors
-2 OEM wall chargers
-5 phone pouches
-1 Verizon car charger
-2 Palm pre housing parts
-1 Sprint Pixi parts
-2 set of new phone tools (t5 screw driver, 2x pry tool, t6 screw driver, small Philips)
-1 Protective case
-2 Palm boxes

Condition: *I will break it down into each category of the type of Palm Pre*

-1 Verizon Pre Plus good ESN, perfect screen, no noticeable wear around edges, near perfect condition.
-1 Verizon Palm Pre 2, cracked screen, it works perfectly, it just needs a new screen, edges have nicks around them
-10 Verizon Palm Pre Pluses with bad ESNs, 9 turn on and work, 2 have bad screens, 2 are in very good condition, 3 have USB port covers, 4 have good condition screen and housing, 2 have fair condition screen and housing, 1 has poor condition housing.
-5 good ESN Sprint Palm Pres. All turn on and work. Each one have minor scratches on the screens, 2 have USB port covers, 3 have minor cracks around edges, 1 has chip in upper left corner, all can be activated in Sprint.
-7 Verizon Palm Pre hybrid phones. I used parts from Verizon phones to make "Frankenpres" that worked on Sprint and these were the left overs, all these phones turn on and can be used like normal, just can't be activated on Sprint or Verizon, all there touch screens work 100%, 5 are in fair condition, 1 in good condition, 1 has missing ear piece and power button but still turns on and works, 1 is in poor condition.

All other accessories are used and working unless previously specified (i.e. New Zagg screen protectors).

If you have any questions please let me know. I'm more than willing to help. I strive for 100% satisfaction.

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24 телефона на webOS (CDMA), стартовая цена - 100 долларов

Спонсор » 05 июн 2012, 20:23

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Re: 24 телефона на webOS (CDMA), стартовая цена - 100 доллар

Сообщение Maxim_P » 15 июн 2012, 11:48

Дешево ушли, $147.50.

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