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Подборка Firefox-дополнений для Ubuntu на HP TouchPad

Проблемы с системой или настройками HP TouchPad? Тогда Вам сюда

Подборка Firefox-дополнений для Ubuntu на HP TouchPad

Сообщение Bakugan » 26 авг 2012, 21:16

grasshoper выложил свою подборку дополнений для веб-браузера FireFox, которые значительно улучшают его внешний вид и управляемость при работе с Ubuntu на HP TouchPad.

https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/firefox/c ... er/hp-tou/

Настройки для модулей далее (англ.):

Grab & Drag :

1. Go to preferences and then "More Options" tab
2. Change "Drag Multiplier" to 3.4
3. Change tab to "Momentum"
4. All handles for "drag momentum" should be set down to zero ("short", "small" and "no friction")
5. Change tab to "Advanced" and set "Drag Increments" to zero ("smooth")

For a smoother experience, you should also go to Firefox's prefs and set "use smooth scrolling" in the Advanced tab.

Hide Caption Title Bar

This is up to you but here's what I found to be more useful:

1. Go inside HCTB prefs and set things up like this:
2. "Show Firefox 4+ main menu button" > disabled
3. "Define action for custom close button" > Minimize
4. Change tab to "Advanced Settings"
5. "Top Edge Margin position" > Maximized = 2 & Un-Maximized = 0

Theme Font & Size Changer

Font = Cantarell (You can install the Cantarell font from Synaptic or using apt-get: this is a font designed for touch screen and better lisibility. I strongly suggest using this font for all your system, which can be changed in the control panel of your Desktop Environment)

Size = 12 (if you use the setup described below for GTK+ native theme) or 16 (otherwise)

Style & Weight = Normal

Color = Normal or #000 depending on your theme

As for the theme, I suggest either GTK+ Native or Kempelton Reloaded Large

If you use GTK+ Native, here's a way to get larger icons :

1. Open a new tab
2. Enter this address : "about:config" and promise you'll be careful
3. Tap "pixel" inside the search box
4. Change the value of the "layout.css.devPixelsPerPx" to whatever suits you (I chose 1.2) with incremental changes either being +0.1 or +0.05, but not higher than 2.

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