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LG начинает продажи webOS телевизоров в Корее

Обсуждение LG smart TV. Пишем тут отзывы и мнения об лджи смарт тв! Разрешено обсуждать цены и где дешевле купить смарт тв.

LG начинает продажи webOS телевизоров в Корее

Сообщение Bakugan » 27 фев 2014, 12:42

LG начинает продажи webOS телевизоров в Корее


Finally, LG Electronics 'Web OS' powered Smart TV to be released in Korea in Feb 27th. That is the beginnig of the following shipmnets in other countries. Prices below for two models.

2014 model year, LG Electronics 'Cinema 3D Smart TV' LB6800 series, starting with the Web OS is equipped with Smart TV and subsequently released to the domestic market.

Next-generation operating system, "Web OS applies the LG Smart TV 'has a total of LG's smart technology-intensive products, a strategy plan to 2014 Smart TV line-up of the domestic market accounts for more than 90%.

LG Electronics Smart TV is too complex and the existing slow the opinions of the user to a new platform technology solved. TV the essence of 'quick and easy usability "was expanded to a smart TV.

LG Electronics Smart TV with Web OS new "home entertainment lifestyle 'to show that the national strategy is to reorganize the Smart TV market.

'Web OS LG Smart TV is equipped with 'Web OS to move the ▲ other services, anytime, anywhere "Easy Switch (Simple Switching) ', ▲ You can easily find a wide range of content in a' simple search (Simple Discovery) ', ▲ easily connected, The 'Easy Connect (Simple Connection)', etc. An intuitive user experience (UX) of staged differentiation.

Как вам цены?

LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV LB6800 series of shipments going to ₩ 3,400,000 (US$3.187.-) for the 55 inches, and the 47 inches for 2.05 million won(US$1.922.-)

http://social.lge.co.kr/newsroom/he/web ... tv_140227/

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