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Вакансии в HP / Palm, связанные с webOS

Обсуждение телевизоров, смартфонов, планшетов, принтеров и прочего железа. Новости платформы webOS.

Вакансии в HP / Palm, связанные с webOS

Сообщение Palmfan » 28 май 2011, 15:18

Вакансия: Sr Kernel Developer - webOS Linux

Palm - Sunnyvale, CA (San Francisco Bay Area)

Job Description

Palm is looking for a Senior Kernel Engineer/Developer to join our growing Linux team. As a member of the webOS Linux Kernel team you will be responsible for developing and maintaining Linux related code for a variety of upcoming products as well as adding new features to Palm's award winning webOS mobile platform.

Your role in the delivery process will span the entire product lifecycle, including but not limited to: participation in vendor evaluation and selection, specification, architecture, design, implementation, initial hardware bring up, code-reviewing, bug-fixing, maintenance releases; and participation in development partner evaluation and selection. You will write code, write architecture and design documents, review other people's code and designs, debug driver and OS issues, follow the latest linux kernel mainline developments, work closely with vendors and the open source community to deliver a stable and feature rich linux platform for webOS.

The team works on exciting and dynamic issues at the forefront of mobile technology - no day is ever boring!

Desired Skills & Experience

- A minimum of 3 years of design and development of driver, board support package (BSP) or system-level software
- Extensive knowledge of C
- No fear of low level programming
- Strong knowledge of software development tools and systems.
- Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written

An ideal candidate would have:
- Existing Linux kernel or linux distribution development experience
- Experience with ARM architecture
- Experience with USB/UART/I2C/MMC technologies
- Experience with mobile/wireless products or equivalent small-footprint, low-power embedded environments.
- Understanding of hardware/software integration and tradeoffs.

Company Description

As a Global Business Unit within HP's Personal Systems Group, Palm's mission
is to leverage the critically acclaimed HP webOS platform to deliver the best
connected device experience available and provide a unified customer experience
linking a wide family of HP products.

The flexibility of the webOS platform makes it ideal for creating a range of
innovative devices that work together to keep you better connected to your
world. With the power of true multitasking, Just Type, Notifications, HP
Synergy, and a long list of other differentiated features, webOS brings your
information together on your device in an integrated, easy-to-access and
easy-to-use way that no other mobile platform can match.

The next generation of HP webOS devices includes the powerfully small HP Veer
smartphone; the HP Pre3 smartphone, perfectly balanced for business
and fun; and the HP TouchPad, which offers the breakthrough webOS experience
fully realized in the tablet experience. Continuing a rich history of
innovation, these products are the initial building blocks of a long-term
strategy to establish HP as a leader in the connected device space.

http://www.linkedin.com/jobs?viewJob=&j ... s_share_tw

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Вакансии в HP / Palm, связанные с webOS

Спонсор » 28 май 2011, 15:18

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Вакансия: инженер-разработчик технологий RFID и NFC

Сообщение Архивариус » 22 июн 2011, 18:53

Вакансия: RFID/NFC Design Engineer

Job ID 6112
Division Product Development
Job Location Sunnyvale, CA -- Headquarters
Job Category Engineering
Date Posted Jun 20, 2011


NFC Design Engineer

Reporting to the RF-Wireless Architecture Manager, this RF Design Engineer will be responsible for the following:
Work with Tablet and Smartphone product team members to design NFC systems/Antenna for HP smartphone and tablet products in a high paced, schedule driven environment. Vendor investigation, evaluation and component selection.
Simulation and design of NFC circuit telephony. Assist EE lead with layout, bring up, validation / test, type approval and industry certification, and transfer to manufacturing, support of product in field. Take ownership of design and design related issues by driving until completion. Develop test plans for ISO, EMVco, and cellular desense. Work on advanced NFC system and antenna concepts.


-NFC Antenna design concepts and H-field simulation skills.
-Design experience of cellular telephone or other RF related design experience.
- Excellent cross-functional teamwork skills are mandatory with good English (Verbal and written) communication.
-Ability to travel 5-10% of the time to Asia.
- BSEE minimum. M.Eng preferred.
- at least 5 years of experience designing cellular/Wireless radios.

Skills: Required:

- Extensive hands on practical skills with RF design are expected and must be demonstrated.
- Debug and analysis skills from not only a RF perspective but also from an overall system view.
- Design to Cost and Design for Manufacture.
- Deep knowledge of RF interferers and how to mitigate such interferers with iterative design/debugging.
- Specification of and Integration with antenna sub-systems.
- Hands on experience with RF test equipment and NFC test equipment.


- Experience with ISO 14443A/B, EMVco, NFC forum test specifications and certification process.

http://recruit.trovix.com/jobhostmaster ... cellq6oyqd

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Re: Вакансии в HP / Palm, связанные с webOS

Сообщение Palmfan » 20 июн 2012, 19:50

HP нанимает Qt-разработчиков для дальнейшего развития webOS
https://hp.taleo.net/careersection/2/jo ... 96?lang=en
номер вакансии 997835

Другие вакансии можно посмотреть по ключевому слову webOS.

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Re: Вакансии в HP / Palm, связанные с webOS

Сообщение Maxim_P » 11 июл 2012, 22:53

Yannick Pellet (бывший Director, Meego Devices из Нокии) тоже зазывает работать в HP над webOS
http://yannickpellet.blogspot.se/2012/0 ... thers.html

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Re: Вакансии в HP / Palm, связанные с webOS

Сообщение Bakugan » 12 сен 2012, 15:30

Свежие вакансии в команде, разрабатывающей Open webOS (C++, Qt и JavaScript-разработка).

Вот что пишет Roger Stringer у себя в Linkedin http://www.linkedin.com/groupAnswers?trk=eml-anet_dig-b_jb-ttl-cn&gid=2129872&ut=1sh9zV5kpJGBo1&viewQuestionAndAnswers=&discussionID=161072748

Please contact me if you are interested in becoming part of the Open webOS development team or in returning to webOS development.

Review our progress on GitHub in the openwebos, isis and enyo folders and see if you are interested in primarily doing your development out in the open.

openwebos github.com

Roger Stringer actual position:

Development Lead - SysMgr Team
Palm Inc. (acquired by HP Nov-2010)
April 2012 – Present (6 months)
Responsible for development of webOS SysMgr and related webOS components including DB8 and ActivityManager.

The Team completed the migration to use modern WebKit and Qt4.8, and open sourced the major component (luna-sysmgr) at the end of July-2012 and continues to expand the open source offering.


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Re: Вакансии в HP / Palm, связанные с webOS

Сообщение Bakugan » 10 окт 2012, 21:11

http://forums.webosnation.com/webos-ope ... ost3357259

Вот неполный список вакансий и если вы знаете кого-то, кто заинтересован, напишите мне.

webOS - Sr. Software Engineer
webOS - Sr. Web Developer
webOS - Frontend Lead Architect
webOS - Cloud Services
webOS - Sr. Database
webOS - Media
webOS - Connectivity
webOS - Sr. Linux (Graphics)
webOS - Sr. Producer
webOS - Sr. Product Development
webOS - QA
webOS - Sr. Interaction
webOS - Visual Designer

Мы также ищем специалистов по Enyo framework, kernel, C++, Information, webkit и т.д. Если вы увлечены webOS пожалуйста, пришлите мне Ваше резюме или перейдите на сайт hp.com и сделайте поиск по "webOS" для перечня вакансий.

Brendan Moran
Sr. Technology Recruiter

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Re: Вакансии в HP / Palm, связанные с webOS

Сообщение Palmfan » 29 май 2013, 16:44


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