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Использование Android-телефона в качестве Bluetooth GPS

Обсуждаем работу Android OS на HP TouchPad

Использование Android-телефона в качестве Bluetooth GPS

Сообщение alone » 22 окт 2011, 10:13

Руководство по использованию HP Touchpad с CM7 в связке с Bluetooth GPS на Android телефоне

1)First download 'Share GPS Beta'[/url] on the Android phone WITH GPS (tick NMEA in the app settings).

2)For the CM7 HP Touchpad WITHOUT GPS download an app called 'BluetoothGPS' (has a blue round icon) and select Mock GPS Provider (also makesure the same setting is set in theSettings>Applications>Development menu).

3)Pair both devices via bluetooth. And in 'Bluetooth GPS' app on the CM7HP Touchpad select your Android device that has bluetooth and pressconnect.

4)Find something useful to do with GPS now that its on your HP Touchpad (albeit with a little help from another Android phone).

Update:Works with Wifi sharing over 3G as well when Touchpad is tethered to the same phone via wifi.

Взято отсюда: http://rootzwiki.com/showthread.php?881 ... P-Touchpad

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